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How to stop greenhouse effect

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Red Rose, Growing

This site is dedicated to helping everyone stop greenhouse effect.

Together with the help of me,Cameron,and Brandon we can work to (however melodramatic this may sound) save the world. This site will include some tips/ideas, some info, and hopefully some fun stuff

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~~Tips~~(here are some ways to help you reduce your personal cause of the green house effect.)

1.Car pool or find another way to travel in order to preserve the earth's natural resources.

2.Reuse house hold items. That way our land fills don't fill so quickly.

3.Compost your left over friut and vegetable parts. It can give you rich soil and also reduces the amount that goes into the landfills.

4.Don't sit around the house waisting electricity when you can be outdoors and playing in the sun.

5. Recycle your paper, beverage containers, milk jugs, and tin cans so that they can be used to make new material and so that we don't waiste natural resources.

Here is some info on Greenhouse Effect that will explain what it is and why we want to stop it.

The Greenhouse Effect is gas and fumes that are released into the atmosphere. When the chemicles are up there they get to work destroying the ozone. The ozone is the only thing that is pretecting us from the harmful rays of the sun. Over tha polar ice caps there is a hole in the ozone, it is causing tha caps to melt which could cause a major climate shift.

The site html below is full of  cool enviromental games!!!

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